Wilson Ramos Appreciation: The Buffalo is Stampeding Through 2016 and the Nats are Reaping the Benefits

Credit: Washington Post

By Mike Civiello (@MikeyCiv)

This is our first Nationals blog post. For some time I wanted to do something Nats related. An easy one was to recognize Daniel Murphy’s hotter than the sun start (still has a pretty solid .358 average as I am typing this). I think I missed my window for that. But one player that seems to not be getting enough recognition is Wilson Ramos AKA the Buffalo AKA WILLLLLSONNNNNN!

I felt a quick appreciation piece was in order for Mr. Ramos. Just something that can put numbers out there to give more perspective. Baseball is probably the one sport where numbers flat out tell truth, and eye test is already confirmed.

Ramos has been a player I have always thought had great potential as a clean up hitter. He is a monster of a man with definite pop. I envisioned him behind Harper, not allowing teams to pitch around #34. It was frustrating not to see him succeed more at the plate over his tenure in Washington. This year he is a changed man and Nats fans should be ecstatic. It only helps that this in combination with Murphy raking as well. Is it due to Ramos getting eye surgery? Maybe. I feel like that would help naturally, but regardless, he is killing it at the plate, and is playing with tremendous confidence.

To go into a little more detail I did some digging into the lovely advanced metrics. First lets look at basic averages for what pitchers he has faced:

Versus righties, Ramos is batting a nice .346

Versus lefties, a very respectable .295

Now he has done most of his damage batting later in the order, but it seems anywhere from 4th to 7th he is raking like it is Fall:

Batting cleanup (4th in basic terms) in only 2 games albeit: Hitting .375

Batting 5th (26 At Bats): .305

Batting 6th (48 At Bats): .354

Batting 7th (111 At Bats): .333

So there you have it. Wilson Ramos is seeing the ball bigger than it actually is, no matter what place in the lineup. His ability to hit in so many spots gives the Nationals great flexibility. Zimmerman is bound to really heat up, and he usually does in the summer months. Espinosa is on a ridiculous HR tear, setting back Trea Turner’s return to the bigs. Ramos among others are playing amazing for the Nationals, which is needed as Bryce Harper is in sort of a hitting slump. But the fact he Nationals are 5.5 games up in the NL East and Bryce Harper playing pedestrian, is only a good thing. If Bryce gets going again, this lineup has the hitting potential that could be something that follows the Buffalo’s lead and stampedes into October. But in DC we should know to tamper expectations.

Quick side note:

The bullpen and Gio Gonzalez are huge concerns to me. Not big enough to go on a frantic blog post about, but it should be noted they are concerns. It will be interesting to see what Mike Rizzo does come trade deadline. I cannot see him NOT upgrading the BP, but I also thought that about Ernie Grunfeld for a long time….sorry he just really makes me mad.

To end this post, Wilson Ramos should absolutely be an All star, along with Strasburg, Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper most likely.

Here is to continued success at the plate for not only WILLLLSONNN but everyone that steps in the box.

And no, I don’t believe in jinxes, so shove it with that.

#GoNats #Buffalo





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