Rivalry Rejuvenated?

By Joe Civiello (@Joe_Civ)

Reporter: “What do you know about the Dallas Cowboys?”

Robert Kelley: “I know nobody around here like the Dallas Cowgirls.”


These edgy comments are what the fans love. Kelley, along with the young talent on both teams, is bringing the rivalry back to the good ole days.

The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is arguably the best in the NFL. For close to 60 years there have been so many battles with Hall of Famers on both sides. Cowboys legends such as Roger Staubach, Randy White, Jim Jeffcoat, and Tony Dorsett carried Dallas in the 1970s and 1980s. Redskins legends such as Chris Hanburger, Sonny Jurgensen, Joe Theismann, and Charley Taylor all propelled the rivalry to new heights back in the day.

The Cowboys had the Redskins number in the 70s and won Super Bowls in 1972 and 1978, while the Redskins were dominant in the 80s and won Super Bowls in 1983 and 1988 carried by The Hogs, “The Diesel” John Riggins, Dexter Manley, Art Monk, and Darrell Green.

The Redskins won the Super Bowl again in 1992, but the Cowboys subsequently began their 1990s dynasty by winning 3 more Super Bowls in 1993, 1994, and 1996 led by Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Darren Woodson, Darryl Johnston, and Emmitt Smith.


Now for the more recent memory…AKA the ones that we remember 😔


Since 2000, both teams haven’t been great. The Redskins have been a complete laughing stock with a record of 118-142-1. The Cowboys have a record of 137-129.

Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley carried the Redskins offense for years, and defensive studs such as Sean Taylor and Lavar Arrington made their presence felt defensively. In fact, Arrington actually ended beloved Dallas quarterback Troy Aikman’ career! Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware, and Roy Williams were mainstays for Dallas for years. There’s no doubt stars have come and gone since 2000, but games between Sean Taylor and Terrell Owens were considered legendary.

Recent memory has an influx of rookie influence with Robert Griffin III lighting up the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 2012 and Alfred Morris’ game-sealing 32 yard run to give the Redskins the Division Title and a season sweep of the Cowboys. This year, rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot have completely taken over the NFL with the help of a fantastic offensive line. They are 9-1 and looking to sweep the Redskins this season on Thanksgiving.

Kirk Cousins and the Redskins have other plans in mind, and their offense is starting to reach the scorching hot level they were playing at around this time in 2015. Cousins is coming off an NFC Offensive Player of the Week Award after completing 21-30 passes for 375 touchdowns and 3 touchdowns.


There has always been something different about this rivalry. It really doesn’t matter if one team loses every other game, as long as they split the season series 1-1 nothing else matters.


A win for the Cowboys would mean they would be 10-1 and rolling on the way to the playoffs as the probable first seed in the NFC and legit title contenders. A Redskins win would mean they would be 7-3-1 and would put them in the conversation as legit playoff contenders as well.


As I said before, the Cowboys offensive line is incredible, but the Redskins offensive line has been great as well, giving up the top 10 least amount of sacks and allowing Undrafted Rookie Robert Kelley to rush for 5 Yards/Carry and the last three games he has rushed for 87 yards, 97 yards, and 137 yards.

Regardless of the outcome of the game on Thanksgiving, the future of these teams is bright. With the influence of Redskins GM Scot McCloughan, and Jerry Jones hitting on young draft picks for Dallas, there could be a new era of incredible matchups between these two teams for years to come.

The young cores are undeniable with talent. On the Dallas side, good fortune brought them Dak, and good logic brought them Zeke. I mean who in the hell didn’t think that was a match made in heaven with that O-line. They also have one the best in the game (when healthy) in Dez. On defense, they are masked by the offense dominating time of possession but still have core pieces.

On the Redskins side, Kirk is stringing together two really good years in a row to get him PAID. Hopefully he is locked up. Rob Kelley looks legit. But we are reserving judgement for the rest of the season. At wide receiver Doctson is an unknown but his talent is unreal if he puts it together. Maurice Harris has flashed as an undrafted rookie. Jordan Reed is maybe the most uncoverable TE in the league. Pierre and Desean, who knows if they are kept. Defensively they have Swaggy Baker who loves talking all types of Sheeet. Norman is a firecracker that breeds attitude. Battles for years will ensue.

Even though Free Agency has altered rivalries across the league, these young cores will hopefully grow together and inject life and hatred that once fueled this historic rivalry.

Cowboys – Redskins on Thanksgiving. It shouldn’t be any other way.


This season it isn’t just another game for these teams, it’s everything.


Game Time: 4:30 EST on FOX

Redskins playoff appearances since 2000: 4

Redskins Playoff Wins Since 2000: 1

Cowboys playoff appearances since 2000: 6

Cowboys Playoff Wins Since 2000: 2



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